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Amazon have locked me out of my account without responding to my emails but continue to sell my books! While it’s true my books are not copyright it doesn’t mean a tech monopoly that one has entrusted has the right to steal one’s books!

About John Pauley:

John’s passion is his children. In a world that’s becoming tougher for our youth to succeed, it’s essential to instill in them the right skills of life. By sharing the stories he imparts with the world, John aspires to contribute to building a stronger and more aware future in, and for, our children.

John’s Books:

A Cat’s Tale

Age level: 6 – 10 yrs


A Cat’s Tale is a story about developing confidence through courage and by persisting through tough times. See how Katherine defeats the obstacles in front of her in this story about overcoming bullying in school.

Curious Katherine seems to have an issue with bullying in school, find out how she deals with it using courage and determination.

Buy this book now to teach your children how to develop the skills to become mentally and physically stronger as well as more confident when facing all tough challenges.

A Dinosaur Tale: The Carnivore Coming to Terms

Age level: 7 – 10 yrs

How does Toma come to terms with not being able to fulfill his basic sustenance needs? Buy this book now to find out in this story about family finding solutions together.

The Prince and the Cat

Age level: 8 – 12 yrs

This story delves into what happens when a cat uses magic and mystery to reach her prince. See what happens to the cat when, as a princess, she doesn’t return the favor to the witch…

This child’s tale of fantasy and magic involving the Prince, the cat and the witch will leave you spellbound till the end… To see how the fantastic world of karma and mystery works, buy this story now!

The Magical Watch

Age level: 5 – 8 yrs

What is so magical about this children’s watch? Buy this book now to see what the real magic is when Matt manages his time with his magical watch in this wonderful story…

The Elephant and the Rat

Age level: 3 – 8 yrs

This is an inspirational story about never turning your back on your friendships. You might have nothing more to lose, but you always have what remains in your head, as well as your friends. This story teaches our children to stick together and help each other out whenever they need it.

How do best friends Tango and Roddy react when the other needs their help? Buy this book now to find out in this amazing story about people and friendship…

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